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  • 5 Best Herbs for Natural Joint Pain Relief
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    Eric Miller
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5 Best Herbs for Natural Joint Pain Relief

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Several natural remedies are now scientifically proven to help alleviate joint and arthritis pain. While natural ingredients often lack large clinical trials, there has now been a lot of research done on all the ingredients listed below that support what some have known for hundreds of years. 

Below are five of the best herbs for natural joint and arthritis pain relief. 

White Willow Bark  

As you’d expect, white willow bark comes from the willow tree. The bark contains a compound called salicin. When the body metabolizes salicin, it creates salicylic acid, which is nearly identical to the well-known synthetic aspirin created in the 1800s but safer on the stomach.

There is scientific evidence that white willow bark is particularly good at reducing pain, specifically arthritis pain, as seen in a clinical trial published in Phytotherapy Research which showed a 15% reduction in pain amongst study participants. 

Devil’s Claw 

Devil’s claw comes from a plant found only in the Kalahari desert of southern Africa. It gets its strange name from the appearance of its fruit which is covered in small hook-like appendages. 

Devil’s claw has not been studied extensively, but there is plenty of promising evidence which confirms that it is particularly good at reducing inflammation. This is because it contains a compound called iridoid glycosides which have consistently shown to have strong anti-inflammatory effects. As such, it is considered a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceuticals to help reduce inflammation. 


Resin from the Boswellia trees has been used for many years in Asian and African folk medicine. It is known to have both anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties. 

One study from 2011 showed that increasing the dosage of Boswellia led to increased physical ability amongst trial participants. Other more recent studies suggest the resin is particularly effective for those with osteoarthritis pain. 


Selenium is a mineral that naturally occurs in several common food sources, including Brazil Nuts, Organ Meat, Seafood, Spinach, and Beans. 

Selenium is a key part of how the body produces the cartilage that helps to protect joints. Thus, for anyone looking to keep their joints healthy, they want to make sure their selenium levels aren’t too low. Beyond helping with repairing cartilage, there is also evidence that selenium can help reduce the risk of heart disease. 


Glucosamine is a natural part of cartilage that stops bones from rubbing against each other. Consuming glucosamine helps the body prevent cartilage from further breaking down and can even help to rebuild it. 

One 2007 study showed that glucosamine effectively treated knee osteoarthritis symptoms, whereas another study by Alfred Hospital showed glucosamine reduced joint and knee pain. 

Pain Herb Combo

You can find all five of these natural ingredients and more in Lakota Joint Care Formula. Lakota Joint Care is a carefully constructed, multi-action pain reliever that reduces inflammation, getting to the heart of the problem. It also helps rebuild joint cartilage in knees, shoulders, hips, and other joints. 

  • Post author
    Eric Miller
  • ArthritisherbsinflammationJointjoint care formulanaturalremedies