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Rheumatoid Formula

$24.99 $19.79


Rheumatoid Formula

$24.99 $19.79

Powerful Combination Of Collagen & Other Herbs Carefully Designed To Reduce Rheumatoid Discomfort

Effective multi-action approach for rheumatoid arthritis related pains. Combines the protein Collagen Type II with the amino acid L-Proline to hinder cartilage deterioration while reducing aches and pains. 

  • Can be used alongside the Lakota Joint Care Formula for an all-natural, powerful dual combination.
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Order today to get natural rheumatoid relief that works! 

Lakota Eases Cassandra's Discomfort

" This has been a total life saver for me. Why take heavy meds from big pharma that can cause horrible side effects? This works the best!! Thank you Lakota :)

- Cassandra, AB


Take 2 capsules a day.  Best taken with a meal. Use for a minimum of 2 months to see optimal results.

  • Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Consult with a Health Care Practitioner if symptoms persist.
  • May rarely cause slight gastric discomfort.



  • Hydrolyzed Collagen (bovine) 350mg
  • L-Proline 20mg
  • Unhydrolyzed Collagen Type II (chicken cartilage) 0.30mg
  • Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate.
  • Gluten Free,
  • Yeast Free,
  • Sugar Free,
  • Dairy Free.
  • No artificial preservatives or flavours.

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Available in various fine drug stores and health food stores across Canada. Stores may sell for different price.

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