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Muscle Pain Roll-On



Muscle Pain Roll-On


Fast, Natural Muscle Pain Relief

Seeking relief from muscle pain? Have pain from overuse, intense exercise, sprains and injury. Muscle Pain Roll-on targets muscle pain. The natural pepper extract reduces pain in minutes. It's odourless and the applicator provides fast and easy application.

Tim Wrestles with Lakota

"I've been a pro-wrestler for the past 5 years and after that many tosses and slams, the only thing that lets me crawl out of bed in mornings is using lakota on my sore joints and muscles." Tim, White Rock, BC


Apply 3 to 4 times daily, directly to the sore area. Cover the area completely. Use for at least 1 week for maximum effectiveness.




Capsicum frutescens 1.5 g (0.025% Capsaicin)
Abies balsamea 0.3 g
Achillea millefolium 2.0 g
Betula alba 0.3 g
Juniperus communis 0.3 g

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Pain Relief the Natural Way

Lakota Muscle Pain combines soothing birch, yarrow, Canada balsam and Juniper Berry with .025% capsaicin to provide fast acting, soothing pain relief.

Temporarily relieves arthritis pain. A natural pepper extract in Lakota Arthritis Roll-on effectively reduces joint pain. It is fast, non-greasy, and odorless - you will be the only one who knows you're using it.

Rooted in traditional medicine, Lakota is medicine that works to relieve muscle pain. Try Lakota and experience the pain relief.

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