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Allison Fiebich

I like to bike as much as I can and occasionlly I hurt a joint, ankle, knees, arm etc.  and I carry the roll pain reliever with at all times, it helps with the pain really fast.  Lakota is a great product.   Allison Fiebich Edmonton, AB

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Chris Ziegler

I like the Lakota products, especially when I'm playing ball, my knees get really, sore so I use the roll on and it's helps my knees, so that I can keep playing the sport that I like.   Chris Ziegler Devon, AB

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Virginia Buck

My knee was giving me lots of problems.   Pain, swelling, lots of trouble walking.   I used Lakota a couple of times.   It was enough to get rid of the swelling and I didn't have any more problems with my knee for a long time.   Lakota works!!!...

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