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Leo Runge

I'm getting up there in age and of course my joints, and hip have arthritis in them.  So I use Lakota as much as I can, especally the joint and arthristis pills, the roll on works great as well, for these old weary bones of mine.   Leo Runge Regina,...

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Nathan Basey

I like to play football, and I have bad ankles, so I carry Lakota roll on at all times.  If my ankles start acting up I get my roll on out of bag and magic it works great on my ankles, and I'm able to continue playing football.   Nathan...

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Kimberly Basey

I have very bad knees with arthritsi, I try all kinds of drugs from the doctor, and they don't work have the time.  I tried the lakota for arthristis and it seems to take away the pain in the my knees, it's great.   Kimberly Basey Regina, SK

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Ken Ziegler

I use Lakota  and my success story is that I use Lakota as much as possible.   I use in on my joints, my knees, my back where ever I can raech to rub it in.  It's a great product reduce the pain in my body.   Ken Ziegler Regina,...

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