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Extra Strength Soft Touch | Powerful Herbs For Joint, Hip, Muscle, & Back Pain



Extra Strength Soft Touch | Powerful Herbs For Joint, Hip, Muscle, & Back Pain


Lakota's Strongest Rub

Powerful topical medicine for tough pain. With an extra potent dose of natural capsaicin, Extra Strength Soft Touch takes natural pain relief to the max. Rub it on and feel soothing relief for hours for your joint, muscle, or back aches and pains. It's fast, non-greasy and it works.

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Recommended by Users

"Over the years I have had a severe pain under my left shoulder blade. A friend recommended that I try Lakota. Being a skeptic, I thought I was probably just wasting my well earned money, but to my complete surprise I found I was immediately pain free and could begin to participate in activities I had given up. Lakota will always be in my medicine cabinet and I will recommend it to other sufferers." Marina, Bellville, ON


Apply 3 to 4 times daily, directly to the sore area. Cover the area completely. Use for at least 1 week for maximum effectiveness.

Cautions: Avoid applying to injured or broken skin. Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms worsen. Transient skin irritation, burning sensation, stinging or redness are part of the normal, expected action. If experienced, do not get wet, use ice wrapped in a towel for cooling sensation. Usually diminish after repeated application.



    • Capsicum annuum (Fruit) 0.035%
    • Menthol 3.0%

Purified water, Carbomer, Germaben II, Triethanolamine

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Can be Used Long Term

Long term use of Lakota Extra Strength Soft Touch provides more effective pain relief. On superficial areas like hands, knees, ankles, results will be felt in 15 minutes. For deeper tissues such as shoulder or hip pain, continuous use over a period of 2 to 5 days is required. After application, wash hands with soap and water. If applied to arthritic hands to relieve pain, wait ten minutes before washing.

Rooted in traditional medicine, Lakota is medicine that works to relieve arthritis pain. Try Lakota and experience the pain relief.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Bruno Brunetti
Works for me

Takes a little while before you feel the positive effect, apply daily or even 2 times a day.. when the pain subsides go to a maintenance mode . This has worked for me.

Ana Milićević

Great cream and fast delivery.

No more itchy arms.

I have a brachioradial pruritus, which is characterized by healthy looking, intensely itchy arms. Scratching makes it worse, because it's neuropathic, although it's impossible not to scratch. At its worst, I'm housebound and depressed. At it's best, I get through the days, but have to sleep with ice packs on my arms and a freezer bag by my bed. Nothing but Pregabalin and Ibuprofen touched the itch, until I this. I've been using it daily for six months now, and have been able to wean off Lyrica completely with no itch. I do go through periods of no itch, but never this time of year, and I've suffered with this for over a decade. Must be the capsaicin!

Lynn Hughston
Lakota Soft Touch Pain Reliever

I have suffered Pain,for well over 10 years I have been given many prescriptions to Pain . In browsing through my Son’s Medicine Cabinet,I found the Extra Strength soft touch Lakota !
Over all the years of my suffering,never have I experienced The Releif This Product Has Given Me !
I am Beyond & Over welled with The Company That has made this Pain & Joint Releiver For All
Like Myself Who Suffer. With Thanks -Lynn Hughston .

Mikhaila Shelle
Very Helpful

Lakota has helped me tremendously with chronic pain. Yes it is strong, its not for everyone but, if you suffer from intense chronic pain, it can be a life changer. If you can't handle it, don't buy it, don't call for it to be 'pulled from shelves' when it clearly helps a ton of people.